n.1.(Bot.) A plant of the genus Polypodium; polypody.
1.(Zool.) An animal having many feet; a myriapod.
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He brought order to the matter by regrouping the plants in three classes, divided into genera, and by giving them Latin names: the first class included Fougeres, Hemionites, Polypodes, Langues-de-cerf, and Capillaires, the second Arum & Dracontium and Saururus, and the third Perploques (climbing plants).
Asertia, the ichthyologist of Thomas Love Peacock's Nightmare Abbey (1818), "maintained the origin of all things from water, and insisted that the polypodes were the first of animated things, and that from their round bodies and many-shooting arms, the Hindoos had taken their gods, the most ancient of deities" (chap.