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n.1.(Zool.) An African genus of ganoid fishes including the bichir.
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Found in Africa, the Polypterus can breathe air and move on land, and it closely resembles the ancient fishes that evolved into tetrapods.
Each of the scales that cover the long body of Polypterus senegalus is made up of multiple layers.
Among the most ancient of the living lineages of ray-finned fishes, the Polypterus bichirs share traits such as paired lungs with both modern amphibians and very early four-limbed vertebrates.
Mechanics of the fast-start: muscle function and the role of intramuscular pressure in the escape behavior of Amia calva and Polypterus palmas.
Scientists are studying the scales of the freshwater fish, polypterus senegalus, in the hope of learning engineering lessons that can be put to practical use.