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(Biochemistry) another name for polyribosome


(ˈpɒl iˌsoʊm)

a complex of ribosomes that lines up along a strand of messenger RNA and translates the genetic code during protein synthesis.
[1960–65; poly- + (ribo) some]
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In vitro incoration of selenomethionine into protein by Vigna radiate polysomes.
Ribosomal loss, degradation of polysomes, swelling of mitochondria with formation of intramatrical deposits and chromatin condensation are other changes that may occur during necrosis of renal cells [114].
Cell-free collagen synthesis on membrane-bound polysomes of chick embryo connective tissue and the localization of prolyl hydroxylase on the polysome-membrane complex.
Second, after APP is synthesized on polysomes, this protein undergoes N-glycosylation in the ER.
7]GpppGm-mRNA was most stable in the cells and was incorporated into polysomes for protein synthesis, while GpppG-mRNA remained stable but was unable to be incorporated into polysomes (Fig.
Biosynthesis of lysosomal hydrolases: Their synthesis in bound polysomes and the role of co- and post-translational processing in determining their subcellular distribution.
Long-term morphine treatment decreases the association of mu-opioid receptor (MOR1) mRNA with polysomes through miRNA23b.
When DON binds to polysomes and ribosomes within animal cells, it causes peptide chains to be interrupted due to altered initiation and termination sequences.
For this analysis, a discontinuous sucrose gradient (15%-30% linear with a 60% sucrose/EDTA cushion) was employed to quantify the amount of radioactivity associated with polysomes (i.
The RER consisted of long lamellae containing a large number of ribosomes adhering to their lamellar walls and near of adjacent free ribosomes, forming polysomes.