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Noun1.Neosporin - trade name for a topical drug containing several antibacterials; used as an ointment for skin irritations and in the form of eyedrops for minor eye infections
antibacterial, antibacterial drug, bactericide - any drug that destroys bacteria or inhibits their growth
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office in 2013, also signed regional shopper marketing program deals with J&J Polysporin and Shopper Events Canada for Walmart and HMV.
Application of Polysporin _ triple antibiotic to the CVC exit site.
Ointments such as bacitracin and polysporin could be contributing to the spread of USA300, said the authors, who recommended more cautious use of the over-the-counter wound treatment.
5 mg/g) and Polysporin triple ointment (PL-B sulfate, 10,000 units/g; bacitracin, 500 units/g; and gramicidin 0.
We do not use bacitracin or Polysporin in our practice.
After cleansing, the affected area should be covered with a dressing and a topical antibiotic such as bacitracin, polysporin, or silvadene, which help prevent infection and decrease pain.