Pomeranian dog

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(Zool.) the loup-loup, or Spitz dog.

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She wore a large picture hat and carried a little Pomeranian dog under her arm.
Murgatroyd looked indeed as if the life had been crushed out of her; she knelt on a chair, gazing piteously from behind the body of a Pomeranian dog which she clasped to her cheek, as if for protection.
Mum-of-three Jessica Gerrard grabbed the Pomeranian dog after Zsuzsanna Szilagyi refused her PS300 offer.
Apart from that, a small Pomeranian dog, Tuffy, entertained the audiences by its dance performance.
According to BA, the top gifts available to buy in advance and at a discount from regular prices include Boo, a toy Pomeranian dog that costs GBP18, a Swarowski Crystal Rocking Santa that costs GBP32, a Classic Mini Wireless Computer Mouse, based on the classic Mini Cooper of the 1960's, that costs GBP35, Ray-Ban Aviator folding sunglasses at GBP155, and a Barbara Rihl Crossover bag London Chic, from Parisian brand Barbara Rihl, that costs GBP100.
Serial criminal Susan Campbell was pictured covered in blood, dragging her brute bull terrier away from a mauled Pomeranian dog.
They decided to bring her home along with her Pomeranian dog, Shashi, who has been Sunita's only companion for the past 12 years.
Hugh Thomson, 64, took six-monthold Fudge and his pomeranian dog Millie out on Friday night.
Only a few days ago, I got a message from a lady telling me her sister bought a Teacup Pomeranian dog, a very tiny dog breed, for which she paid Dh30,000.
Elt's bairn grabs 'bear' ELTON John and David Furnish's little son Zachary was surrounded by stars but only had eyes for actress Fran Drescher's Pomeranian dog, Esther.
Danielle McKewon, 30, of Clayport Gardens, Alnwick, hit Christopher Kelly, 45, and a Pomeranian dog which he was walking.