n.1.(Her.) A figure supposed to resemble an apple; a roundel, - always of a green color.
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Another possibility Wheatley may have consulted could have been Francois Pomey's Pantheum mythicum, seufabulosa deorum historia (1659), translated in 1698 by Andrew Tooke, which became known as Tooke's Pantheon of the Heathen Gods and Illustrious Heroes (this version of Pomey was reprinted twenty-three times by 1771; vide Don Cameron Allen's wonderful Mysteriously Meant [Johns Hopkins UP, 1970]).
and L'absent; link with Duparc Chant Baudelaire 1871 1879 Stylistic link to d'automne Duparc; context of Baudelaire settings Chanson du Gautier 1872 1877 Dedication to pecheur Pauline Viardot; (Lamento) Italianate style of Viardot-circle years; February 1873 Societe nationale performance Tristesse Gautier 1872-74 1876 Choice of poem; lighter Italianate style Aubade Pomey 1872-74 1879 Poet from Viardot circle; Italianate style Barcarolle Monnier 1873 1877 Working ms.
Batting first Asad XI posted a score of 67 runs in the stipulated eight overs, Nadeem and Pomey were the two batsman who made useful contributions with 26 and 10 respectively, Zafar was the main wicket-taker with 3 for 16.
Marie-Pascale Pomey is assistant professor, Department of Health Administration, Faculty of Medicine, University of Montreal.
Veteran Pomey centre-half Sol Campbell misjudged Charles N'Zobia's cutback, leaving Rodallega to walk it into an empty net.
Her second litter, by Go Wild Teddy, featured Go Wild Pomey, a 28.
Teodorescu (Teodorescu, 1994) presents a history of the developments made by Pomey G, in 1976, by Schneider G, in 1967 and by Lloyd D.
The 30-year -old of contract the centre of a contract dispute with the Pomey board since Christmas after being offered only a one-year extension.
Consequently, the following articles cover items of interest within a number of topic areas; and James Garner, Mark Bundy, Albert Pomey, and Walter Roy lead this section with "Tank Gun Barrel Reshaping--Concept to Implementation" and provide lessons learned in a laboratory environment from discovering to implementing a new process.
Showing all of our lines in one location allows buyers greater ease and convenience not only during the show, but also throughout the year," said Lydia Pomey, sales manager for Eastern Accents.
So he grabbed 20-year-old Suzanne Pomey to demonstrate romance.
BOLTON maintained their unbeaten record with a goal in each half to sink Pomey.