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n.1.(Physics) A unit of power, being the power obtained from an expenditure of one hundred kilogram-meters of energy per second. One poncelet equals g watts, when g is the value of the acceleration of gravity in centimeters.
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English teacher Sara Lawrence, Jordanian national Boral al Tarifi along with half a dozen participants, had come to learn the art or science of communicating with animals at a day-long workshop, organised by Belgian national Sabine Poncelet, an experienced alternative therapist, who believes that animals can be talked through telepathy.
Poncelet D and RJ Neufeld Fundamentals of dispersion in encapsulation technology.
The only information relevant to Walker's crew came from a Belgian priest Father Poncelet who had himself been a captive in Rabaul.
Anthony and his artist partner Jacqueline Poncelet, loved the light in their space, with Jacqueline explaining, "It's wonderful watching the light changing and the colours changing as you look up from your work.
In The Shaman Within, Claude Poncelet places this archetype in a present-day context, outlining the characteristics of an individual who walks the mystic path while embracing modern technology, maintaining scientific skepticism, and engaging with mainstream society.
Poncelet describes how a rising sea level of one metre affects agricultural production, potentially reducing the land by 20.
Poncelet, 39, of Bruxelles, Belgium, and Melissa A.
Hard, corrugated PVC plastic plates were prepared for settlement induction following the modified methods of Poncelet et al.
EVERY JOB HAS its drawbacks, but as a contract trapper for Delta Waterfowl, Brian Poncelet often deals with something few others face on a daily basis: Skunks.
Poncelet, and the Section of Scientific Publications of Mayo Clinic.
Here we find not only Richard Hamilton, Allen Jones and David Hockney at their most irreverent, but jewellery and ceramics by Gerda Flockinger, Wendy Ramshaw, Elizabeth Fritsch and Jacqueline Poncelet, as well as Zandra Rhodes' stunning 1964 'Gala' fabric.
Poncelet, isplesdamas geometriniu ideju, susijusiu su kreivaeigiu judesiu, sriti, ivede i moksla fundamentalia geometriniu pagreiciu savoka, kuria as veliau pritaikiau savo "Mechanikos elementuose" <.