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Any of various small, submersed plants of the genus Elodea, having narrow, whorled or opposite leaves and small axillary flowers.

[New Latin Elōdea, genus name, from Greek helōdēs, marshy, from helos, marsh.]


(Plants) any of several aquatic plants of the genus Elodea of the family Hydrocharidaceae that are native to both North and South America and which have grasslike leaves
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Noun1.elodea - submerged freshwater perennialsElodea - submerged freshwater perennials  
liliopsid genus, monocot genus - genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
family Hydrocharidaceae, family Hydrocharitaceae, frogbit family, frog's-bit family, Hydrocharidaceae, Hydrocharitaceae - simple nearly stemless freshwater aquatic plants; widely distributed
waterweed - a weedy aquatic plant of genus Elodea
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Monroe describes a particularly attractive weed accumulation we encountered during a day on Lake Toho: "This is the ideal mat; it has hyacinth on top, it has blown-in hydrilla, Kissimmee grass, alligator grass and even some pond weed," he said.
As usual a water fight ensued, with pond weed and mud balls thrown - all closely watched by a moorhen who never moved off her eggs.
SIR - Walking around Roath Park lake the pond weed problem has returned with great swathes of it all over the lake, no doubt the cutting machine will be hired in at great cost to us to cut it back but this takes so long it never looks good again until it naturally dies away in the winter.
The spokesman added the geese were also "damaging the environment", with bird droppings leading to high levels of phosphate in the lakes and increased algae preventing pond weed from growing, which lowers oxygen levels and can kill fish.
You built cubbies, collected pond weed, got muddy, climbed trees, marched for urban public parks, climbed mountains, and nurtured the local relationships that weave our futures together.
Both the sheep and Little Moose are sure that Mother Moose, who made everything in the universe, including "duckies and sheep, pond weed and thunder," has exactly what is needed to resolve Little Moose's insomnia.
Search and rescue teams arrived to help recover Mr Owens' body but their search was hampered by the density of pond weed.
Check pumps and filters - and replace if necessary, remove pond weed and divide overgrown plants - and restock with new plants.
LOVESICK newts could soon recapture the look of love thanks to a massive pond weed clearance scheme at Guisborough Forest and Walkway Centre, Pinchinthorpe Aggressively growing reeds have choked the pond system at the top of the walkway so much it's been impossible for lovelorn newts to even see one another.
When available, beavers actually prefer to teed heavily on aquatic herbaceous plants, like duck potato, pond weed and water lilies.
I think that we've managed to control the milfoil and pond weed, and we've prevented other species that have come into the lake from mushrooming," Mr.
Upon closer inspection, I discovered the reason why-slivers of pond weed had been frozen into the ice, acting as a marine form of elastic.