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1. Having great weight: "The new metal ... was denser, more ponderous than gold" (Oliver Sacks).
a. Slow and labored because of great bulk or weight: "The massive turtle ... trudged on resolutely, making good time for such a labored and ponderous gait" (Rick Bass).
b. Difficult to maneuver or control because of great bulk or weight: ponderous luggage.
c. Slow or difficult to manage, especially because of complexity: ponderous legal procedures.
3. Dull and lacking grace or fluency: a ponderous speech. See Synonyms at heavy.

[Middle English, from Old French pondereux, from Latin ponderōsus, from pondus, ponder-, weight; see (s)pen- in Indo-European roots.]

pon′der·ous·ly adv.
pon′der·ous·ness, pon′der·os′i·ty (-ŏs′ĭ-tē) n.
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Noun1.ponderosity - the property of being large in mass
heaviness, weightiness - the property of being comparatively great in weight; "the heaviness of lead"


The state or quality of being physically heavy:
Informal: avoirdupois.
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In vain handspikes and crows were brought to bear upon the immovable fluke-chains, to pry them adrift from the timber-heads; and so low had the whale now settled that the submerged ends could not be at all approached, while every moment whole tons of ponderosity seemed added to the sinking bulk, and the ship seemed on the point of going over.
He 'will blanch copper so cunningly that it shall endure all proofs but the test: it shall endure malleation, it shall have the ponderosity of Luna, and the tenacity of Luna, by no means friable'; and he invites Sir Petronel to 'Take ars'nic' and to 'sublime him three or four times; then take the sublimate of this realga and put him into a glass, into chymia, and let him have a convenient decoction natural' (4.
Consequently, Molodtsov initiated the soft set theory as a completely new approach for modelling vagueness and uncertainty, free from the ponderosity affecting existing methods [20].
19) One response to such charges might be to let the details run absolutely wild: you end up with Korobochka's house, or with Dostoevsky's uncontrollably garrulous narrators, or even with Tolstoy's domestic minutiae and his detail-packed plots that baffled contemporary readers (as Konstantin Leontievdescribed War and Peace, "a redundancy, a ponderosity of petty details").
On Immunity is a hothouse flower of a book, self-serious, heavy on the ponderosity.
Increased familial cardiovascular mortality in obese schoolchildren: the Muscatine Ponderosity Family Study.
Input data ponderosity Expert's procedure Extraction of Recognition of the in solving the similarity cases correlation cases problem from database between input-output measures and it learns the network Construction of Easy to build but it Black box.
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