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Noun1.Pontederiaceae - aquatic or bog plants
liliopsid family, monocot family - family of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
Commelinales, order Commelinales, order Xyridales, Xyridales - an order of monocotyledonous herbs
Eichhornia, genus Eichhornia - water hyacinth; water orchid
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Solms Serial Number Family Local name 1 Amaranthaceae Haicha 2 Asteraceae Kukur shuka 3 Asteraceae Nak ful 4 Asteraceae Hagra 5 Basellaceae Puin shak 6 Convolvulaceae Kolmi 7 Convolvulaceae Dhol kolmi 8 Cucurbitaceae Lau shak 9 Cyperaceae Ghash 10 Euphorbiaceae Bon morich 11 Euphorbiaceae Bhui amla 12 Euphorbiaceae Chitki 13 Fabaceae Shim gach 14 Moraceae Bot 15 Pontederiaceae Khude pana
X Rumex venosus Pursh X PONTEDERIACEAE (Pickerel-Weed Family) Zosterella dubia (Jacq.
In the development of the aerenchyma of the expansigeny type, found in the families Polygonaceae and Pontederiaceae, the expansion of intercellular spaces originates gaps without causing collapse or cellular death.
Delarbre 35 Pteridium aquilinum Polypodiaceae Dhekia shak 36 Eichhornia crassipes Pontederiaceae Kochuripana (Mart.
395 Polygonaceae Polygonum barbatum 396 Polygonum celebicum 397 Pontederiaceae Eichhornia crassipes 398 Proteaceae Helicia cf.
Typhaceae 22 Pistia stratiotes Araceae 23 Thalia geniculata Marantaceae 17 Alternanthera philoxeroides Amaranthaceae 20 Pontederia cordata Pontederiaceae 15 Saururus cernuus Saururaceae 20 Semiaquatic or aquatic plants Colocasia esculenta Araceae 15 Typha sp.
In the Pontederiaceae, tristyly occurs in 4 Pontederia species and 3 Eichhornia species (Glover & Barrett 1983) and several studies on the diversity and behaviors of insect visitors have been made on populations of P.