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An ancient country of northeast Asia Minor along the southern coast of the Black Sea. Established in the fourth century bc, it flourished under Mithridates VI until his defeat by Pompey of Rome in 66.

Pon′tic (-tĭk) adj.


(Placename) an ancient region of NE Asia Minor, on the Black Sea: became a kingdom in the 4th century bc; at its height under Mithridates VI (about 115–63 bc), when it controlled all Asia Minor; defeated by the Romans in the mid-1st century bc


(ˈpɒn təs)

an ancient country in NE Asia Minor, bordering on the Black Sea: later a Roman province.
Pon′tic, adj.
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Noun1.Pontus - (Greek mythology) ancient personification of the seaPontus - (Greek mythology) ancient personification of the sea; father of Nereus
Greek mythology - the mythology of the ancient Greeks
Greek deity - a deity worshipped by the ancient Greeks
2.Pontus - an ancient region of northern Asia Minor on the Black Sea; it reached its height under Mithridates VI but was later incorporated into the Roman Empire
Anatolia, Asia Minor - a peninsula in southwestern Asia that forms the Asian part of Turkey
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At present the only flowers in the garden are the rockets, the pansies in the rose beds, and two groups of azaleas-- mollis and pontica.
DAPHNE pontica is a shrub well worth considering if you love fragrance as much as I do.
Dodecaceria corallii, Lycastopsis pontica, and Lepidonotus squamatus.
The bright grey-green Fritillaria pontica flourishes in woodland.
Classical authors are adduced to document the 'source' of individual ideas and formulations, often in the ethical domain, or to suggest literary models for the narrative: for example, Seneca's Hippolytus as a prototype of lwein's wooing of Laudine; the puellae ancilla of Ovid's Ars amatoria as a model for Lunete; the stories of Philemon and Baucis from Ovid's Metamorphoses, and of Bacchus lodging with the peasant Falernus from the Pontica of Silius Italicus, as literary models for Erec taking lodging with Enite's father.
Central and Eastern Europe in antiquity (Colloquia Pontica 3): 137-62.
The previously approved wind park was to have 11 wind generators to be erected on one of the most intense sections of one of the two largest bird migration routes in Europe a Via Pontica.
A classis Perinthia (technically) would have been a provincial fleet under the governor of Thrace, but modern historians can assume that any fleet operating in the Propontis was a Perinthian fleet or any fleet in the southern Euxine a classis Pontica.
Chemical Composition and Insecticidal Activity of Essential Oils of three Plants Artemisia sp: Artemisia herba-alba, Artemisia absinthium and Artemisia pontica (Morocco).
Apostol Andrei a predicat in Macedonia, Thracia si tinuturile de la Dunare, fapt ce a determinat ca "in primele secole ale erei crestine, cetatile, centrele urbane construite pe malurile Dunarii, apoi vestitele drumuri comerciale din Dacia Pontica, din Dacia Malvensis, sa inlesneasca legaturi multiple cu Imperiul roman, mai ales dupa ocuparea Daciei de catre romani (106), facilitand patrunderea crestinismului la noi din Peninsula Balcanica si din Asia Mica" (13).
Atanasovsko Lake is located at the Via Pontica migration flyway and is a typical bottleneck for migrating soaring birds from Northern, Eastern and Central Europe (up to 240 000 storks and up to 60 000 raptors).
However, a decision to extend a further key site, Rila Mountain, has yet to be made, and we are very concerned that the government continues to refuse to fully designate the Kaliakra peninsula, wintering site for the globally threatened red-breasted goose and an important stopping-off point for thousands of birds on the Via Pontica migration route.