Pontine Marshes

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Pon·tine Marshes

 (pŏn′tēn, -tīn)
An area of central Italy between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Apennine foothills. Formerly a malarial breeding ground, the land was drained during the 1930s to produce fertile farmland.

Pontine Marshes

pl n
(Placename) an area of W Italy, southeast of Rome: formerly malarial swamps, drained in 1932–34 after numerous attempts since 160 bc had failed. Italian name: Agro Pontino

Pon′tine Marsh′es

(ˈpɒn tin, -taɪn)
an area in W Italy, SE of Rome: formerly marshy, now drained.
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Germain;' `ten, fifteen, or twenty thieves, have been arrested in a cafe on the Boulevard du Temple, or in the Thermes de Julien,' -- and yet these same men deny the existence of the bandits in the Maremma, the Campagna di Romana, or the Pontine Marshes.
The Pontine marshes (l Agro Pontino) is a unique example of reclaimed land coupled with an irrational urban development and an intensive agricultural practice.
Winston Churchill called him the Bullfrog of the Pontine Marshes.
Next is (6) A View of the river at Varpio d'Adda (c 1511-13) - which, as Martin has seen for himself, remains little changed today - and (7) A map of the Pontine marshes (c1515) which will help you to see where Google Earth came from
Similarly, Da Vinci's plans to drain land - as per exhibit (7) A map of the Pontine marshes (c1515) - weren't realised because the natives saw the scheme as a ''Papal annexation of their territory''.
But what amazes me is that the dictator's desk is still in use in a government building more than 66 years after the bodies of the Bullfrog of the Pontine Marshes and his mistress Clara Petacci were hung upside down from a lamp-post outside a Milan petrol station by the partisans.