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(ˈpɒn zi)

a swindle in which a quick return on an initial investment paid out of funds from new investors lures the victim into bigger risks. Also called Pon′zi scheme`.
[after Charles Ponzi (died 1949), the organizer of such a scheme in the U.S., 1919–20]
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R-LA), introduced legislation to ensure victims of Allen Stanfords Ponzi scheme can receive compensation for what they lost.
The blockchain sceptics believe the technology and its first-use case, cryptocurrencies, are a big hoax that will soon blow up in smoke like all other Ponzi schemes.
Global Banking News-March 5, 2018--South Africa warns consumers against ponzi and pyramid schemes
It was listed by Robert Ponzi and Patricia Ponzi of Century 21 Bays Edge Realty and sold by Carolyn Ward of Leesa Byrnes Realty.
In an effort to combat a decade of Ponzi schemes and ill-capitalized banks, the Central Bank Monday finally ceased issuing licenses for new private banks and commercial lenders.
FIA Deputy Director Sajid Akram said officials conducted a raid on a motorcycle company 'Roshan Network Mustakbil' at Zainab Plaza, Gojra Road, and found it running a ponzi scheme promising a motorcycle for Rs25,500 or profit of Rs10,000 after one month.
The economic downturn of 2008 brought to light the largest known Ponzi scheme in U.
A FORMER footballer has been cleared of links to a multi-million-pound ponzi scheme.
Charles Ponzi was an infamous swindler who paid returns to early investors with funds received from more recent investors.
In doing so, Charles Murphy, 55, became the fourth person to commit suicide after losing billions in Bernie Madoff's $50 billion Ponzi scheme.
The Wizard of Lies airs on HBO in May and tells the story of Bernie's downfall following the exposure of his perhaps decades-long Ponzi scheme.