Ponzi scheme

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Pon·zi scheme

A fraud disguised as an investment opportunity, in which initial investors and the perpetrators of the fraud are paid out of funds raised from later investors, and the later investors lose all funds invested.

[After Charles Ponzi (1882?-1949), Italian-born speculator who organized such a scheme (1919-1920).]

Ponzi scheme

a fraudulent investment operation that pays quick returns to initial contributors using money from subsequent contributors rather than profit
[After Charles Ponzi, who famously perpetrated such a scheme in the United States of America in the early 20th century]
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Our team has handled more Ponzi scheme liquidations than any other law firm in the United States in the past 25 years," Goldberg said.
Tsvetan Vasilev, the mainA shareholder of Bulgariaas collapsed Corporate Commercial Bank, has denied charges he wasA running the bank as a Ponzi scheme.
But the multi-millionaire has been "stung" by a Ponzi scheme in the US state of Michigan, where she is believed to have bought more than 100 houses.
The apex court, while disposing of a PIL seeking a direction to CBI probe into Rs700 crore ponzi scheme scam involving firms other than Saradha in West Bengal, said "we have made it clear to CBI that it will have to investigate the cases which have been transferred to it.
investments were made into a so-called There are fears the investments were made into a so-called Ponzi scheme.
3m from a group of small investors in a so-called Ponzi scheme has left their financial future in ruins, police said.
Global Banking News-August 8, 2014--Lawsuit claims that Nebraska insurance firm aided ponzi scheme
The apex court bench said the investigating agency will also look into any other ponzi scheme involved in chit fund scam in West Bengal, besides Saradha.
An accounting executive who allegedly helped Bernard Madoff on his multibillion-dollar Ponzi scheme was charged by the US authorities who are broadening their investigation into the fraud five years after it was uncovered.
A third member of the Iranian-Jewish community in Los Angeles has been arrested for mounting yet another Ponzi scheme that cheated other members of the Iranian-Jewish community out of their savings.
A group of former investors of the Antigua-based Stanford International Bank (SIB) has filed a civil lawsuit in Dallas, TX against Antigua & Barbuda and the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB), claiming that they aided jailed Texas billionaire Allen Stanford in his massive US$7 billion Ponzi scheme, reports Caribbean360.
By definition, a Ponzi scheme is limited in duration, and can survive only so long as new investments exceed outflows to existing investors.