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also poo·ja (po͞o′jə)
n. Hinduism
1. Any of various acts or forms of worship consisting primarily of prayers and offerings to a god.
2. Worship characterized by such acts.

[Sanskrit pūjā, perhaps (via a Prakrit form borrowed into Sanskrit) from Sanskrit *pṛñcā, a mixing, a filling up, satisfaction, from pṛṇakti, he mixes, fills, sates; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈpuːdʒaː) or


(Hinduism) Hinduism a ritual in honour of the gods, performed either at home or in the mandir (temple)
[from Sanskrit: worship]


A performed ceremony and prayer.
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Tenders are invited for patent of collection of jagerry utilized at poojas approximate quantitty 1000 kgs
26-27: Arabian Sea Region Oil & Gas 2015 Summit Venue: Muscat, Oman Contact: Pooja Samani Tel: +44 20 7111 1615 Email: PoojaS@irn-international.
A representative of the royal family, preferably the prince, presides over the durbar and performs poojas in the Mysore Palace as part of the festivities.
To mark this auspicious day, special poojas are held in various temples.
Chocolate bars of a leading brand are made as offering by devotees and they get them back as 'prasdam' after poojas (religious ritual performed by Hindus as an offering to various deities, distinguished persons, etc.
Run by "The Saiva Manram", this Temple in Mays Hill (New South Wales) performs daily morning-afternoon-evening poojas and Kootu Valipadu on Thursdays-Fridays, besides Abishekams, Navagraha Shanthi, Hindu traditional weddings, Athma Shanthi, etc.
They have been planning what to wear and what poojas (prayer meetings) to attend.
Celebrations reach their peak at midnight (the birth hour) after which various poojas and other ceremonies are performed.
To hear the music I'd only heard in the context of family weddings, poojas, [and] trips to India but reinvigorated--reinvented, really.
Tenders are invited for Sabarimala Devaswom Repairs and replacement of damaged electrical accessories in the existing electrical installation to the temple structure and various building at Sabarimala in monthly poojas and Onam festival reg:
Contact: Pooja Samani Tel: +44 207 111 1615​​ Email: PoojaS@irn-international.
Special poojas were performed to presiding deities at the Manakula Vinayakar and Sithananda Swamigal temples, to seek the blessings of the Almighty for the leader's long life.