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Noun1.billiard room - a room in which billiards is playedbilliard room - a room in which billiards is played
room - an area within a building enclosed by walls and floor and ceiling; "the rooms were very small but they had a nice view"
References in classic literature ?
Early that evening George went into Ransom Surbeck's pool room with Seth Richmond and Art Wilson, son of the town butcher.
George Willard went out of the pool room and into Main Street.
Out of doors under the black sky filled with stars he forgot his companions of the pool room.
To come out of Ransom Surbeck's pool room and think things like that," he whispered.
Michael was the promotor's brother, and ran the Yellowstone pool rooms where he made goodly sums on the fight game.
Also on the grounds is a two-storey pool house, which includes a heated, indoor swimming pool, a pool room, kitchen, toilet and sauna, along with four bedrooms on the first floor which are connected by a corrider with skylights.
Murray had a pool room for when he fancied a change up from tennis.
Additional information: There is a private swimming pool and a large pool room.
There's also a pool room and summerhouse along with a large barn and stables to complement the paddocks on the property grounds.
The secret pool room also incorporates 12 hardwood carvings of Indian gods, as well as optical lighting, arched decorative windows and ceiling roses from Clitheroe Chapel.
Limited tenders are invited for renovation of airmen bar and pool room at airmen bar and pool room
The pub has also had the sports aspect revamped and now boasts three TVs with both Sky and BT Sport, an updated pool room and also a new darts board ready for budding players.