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 (dĭs-fā′jə, -jē-ə)
Difficulty in swallowing.

dys·phag′ic (-făj′ĭk) adj.


(Pathology) difficulty in swallowing, caused by obstruction or spasm of the oesophagus
[C18: New Latin, from dys- + Greek -phagos; see phago-]
dysphagic adj


(dɪsˈfeɪ dʒə, -dʒi ə)

difficulty in swallowing.
[1775–85; < Greek dys- dys- + phag(eîn) to eat, devour + -ia -ia]
dys•phag′ic (-ˈfædʒ ɪk, -ˈfeɪ dʒɪk) adj.

dysphagia, dysphagy

a condition in which there is difnculty in swallowing. — dysphagic, adj.
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Noun1.dysphagia - condition in which swallowing is difficult or painful
disorder, upset - a physical condition in which there is a disturbance of normal functioning; "the doctor prescribed some medicine for the disorder"; "everyone gets stomach upsets from time to time"


, dysphagy
n. disfagia, dificultad al tragar a causa de una obstrucción;
esophageal ______ esofágica;
oropharyngeal ______ orofaríngea.
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Core problems are a lack of high-quality breeding stock and poor feeding and management, as a result of which farmers are unable to raise healthy piglets.
This is especially important when other threats like cool weather, poor feeding and predation put stress on a colony.
Clinical features of PWS include hypotonia and poor feeding in infancy; low muscle mass and low resting energy expenditure are present throughout life; obesity typically begins around age 2 if the diet is not restricted.
This, he said not only encompasses maltreatment, poor feeding, denial of proper habitat but also include carrying-out business related to sale and purchase of animals and birds without proper license issued by concerned authorities.
Heart failure in infants is mainly seen as a failure to thrive, with symptoms presented including poor feeding, poor weight gain and chronic breathing difficulties.
Some of the signs and symptoms seen may be convulsions, food avoidance, poor feeding in infants, irritability, vomiting, lethargy, lighter skin and hair colour, delayed developmental skills etc.
Action Against Hunger (ACF) is implementing Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) Programme in Dadaab, whose primary goal is to reduce morbidity related to poor feeding and hygiene practices among the refugees populations.
Joseph was born on January 14, 2010, at Russells Hall and needed extra care after suffering from poor feeding, breathlessness, a fast heart rate and low blood sugar levels.
A history of vomiting, colicky abdominal pain, poor feeding or constipation may suggest bowel obstruction (Zamakhshary et al, 2008; Spence et al, 1998).
For example, by merely observing the ammeter and head pressure you could troubleshoot melt-channel plugging, poor feeding, and lack of fill.
It is blaming the new epidemic of childhood obesity, which is now affecting toddlers, on poor feeding practices.