Poor soldier

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(Zool.) the friar bird.

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O Captain Dobbin, I tremble sometimes when I think of our dearest George, and the dangers of the poor soldier.
Honors and favors were heaped upon Raleigh, and from being a poor soldier and country gentleman he became rich and powerful, the lord of lands in five counties, and Captain of the Queen's Own Body-Guard.
Many mile a day a-foot, and often with some poor soldier or another, travelling to see his friends.
He knew what makes a soldier, and judging by the appearance and the talk of those persons, by the swagger with which they had recourse to the bottle on the journey, he considered them poor soldiers.
Not the wisest of monarchs, not his father, whose examples you must needs allow are weighty, claimed wider privileges than we poor soldiers of the Temple of Zion have won by our zeal in its defence.
The poor soldiers of the Temple will not alone place their foot upon the necks of kings a hemp-sandall'd monk can do that.
The apathy of these poor soldiers can only be conceived by those who remember to have crossed vast deserts of snow without other perspective than a snow horizon, without other drink than snow, without other bed than snow, without other food than snow or a few frozen beet-roots, a few handfuls of flour, or a little horseflesh.
Soon the great number of these poor soldiers wrapped themselves in what they could find and lay down on planks, or whatever would keep them from contact with the snow, and slept, heedless of the morrow.
but about all those poor soldiers, who, as well as you, have hearts and bodies, who will weep for their country and endure all the necessities of their condition.
Someone phoning up like that, in the light of what was going on in the world, with what happened to that poor soldier in London, and Jihadi John, meant I had to take it seriously," he said.
OK, some might think you're using that poor soldier, and it's true you're rather a bland character -- but it doesn't really matter.
Surveillance cameras of the military quarters caught on tape the attacking moments of the bear to the poor soldier.