Pop corn

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Corn, or maize, of peculiar excellence for popping; especially, a kind the grains of which are small and compact
Popped corn; corn which has been popped.

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Green candy and green pop corn were offered for sale, as well as green shoes, green hats, and green clothes of all sorts.
The American Pop Corn Company processes and markets JOLLY TIME Pop Corn products that are sold in all 50 states and around the world.
And, there is no one better than Jolly Time Pop Corn, the first brand name in popcorn, to assist you in your Oscar party planning.
Wrede Smith, whose family has been making Jolly Time Pop Corn since 1914, recalls in the late 1920s popcorn was a hit all by itself by virtue of the popcorn stand or wagon located on the corner of "Main Street.
Well, JOLLY TIME, the makers of Healthy Pop(R) 94% Fat Free Microwave Pop Corn, believes variety is the spice of a healthy snacking life, so the company has created a useful brochure with nearly a dozen recipes for healthy creations for tasty pop corn temptations as well as tips and nutrition information for healthy snacking.
While you're enjoying the traditional game day fare, including JOLLY TIME'S Blast O Butter - Ultimate Theatre Style Butter Pop Corn, The Big Cheez - Ultimate Cheddar Cheese Pop Corn and KettleMania - Outrageously Fun Kettle Corn, don't forget to offer football fans some tasty, low fat snacking alternatives," said Garry Smith, President of JOLLY TIME(R) Pop Corn.
The event will also provide a solution to the thorny problem which affects the hoards of visitors who flock to Blackpool each year - should they choose pop corn or ice cream?
So big, in fact, they're celebrating production of their one-billionth bag of microwave pop corn.
JOLLY TIME - ONE BILLION BAGS - - Jolly Time Pop Corn principals Carlton Smith (left, chairman); Wrede Smith (middle, chairman emeritus); and Garry Smith (right, president) celebrate production of the company's one-billionth bag of microwave pop corn at production facilities in Sioux City, Iowa.
And everyone has a special, favorite family recipe for Thanksgiving turkey stuffing -- wheat bread, white bread, cornbread, walnuts, oysters, giblets, pork sausage -- even pop corn.
This major milestone is being celebrated with fun initiatives, including a new online virtual museum, a grassroots community awards program called Kernels of Kindness(TM), and a consumer offer of limited edition JOLLY TIME Pop Corn 100[sup.
For Pop Rocks, sub the Pop Corn Pop Bar from San Diego's Chuao Chocolatier.