Pope Alexander

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, Alexander 1688-1744.
English writer best remembered for his satirical mock-epic poems The Rape of the Lock (1712) and The Dunciad (1728).
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But he was no sooner in Milan than he did the contrary by assisting Pope Alexander to occupy the Romagna.
And on these matters I spoke at Nantes with Rouen, when Valentino, as Cesare Borgia, the son of Pope Alexander, was usually called, occupied the Romagna, and on Cardinal Rouen observing to me that the Italians did not understand war, I replied to him that the French did not understand statecraft, meaning that otherwise they would not have allowed the Church to reach such greatness.
There, in the twentieth chapter of the Life of Pope Alexander VI.
She had precisely the same shape of skull as Pope Alexander the Sixth; her organs of benevolence, veneration, conscientiousness, adhesiveness, were singularly small, those of self-esteem, firmness, destructiveness, combativeness, preposterously large; her head sloped up in the penthouse shape, was contracted about the forehead, and prominent behind; she had rather good, though large and marked features; her temperament was fibrous and bilious, her complexion pale and dark, hair and eyes black, form angular and rigid but proportionate, age fifteen.
He died in 1550 and was canonized by Pope Alexander VIII on Oct.
1495 - A bull from Pope Alexander VI confirmed the foundation of Aberdeen University.
1492: The infamous and corrupt Roderigo Borgia bribed enough cardinals to become Pope Alexander VI.
There has been a suggestion that Christianity was introduced by the Portuguese, a narrative covered up during the 400 years of Spanish colonization, because when Pope Alexander VI cut the world in half like an orange, and granted the rights to all unknown lands equally between the kingdoms of Spain and Portugal, the Philippines lay in the Portuguese side.
ON THIS DAY 1492: The infamous and corrupt Roderigo Borgia bribed enough cardinals to become Pope Alexander VI.
Ah Sinitta - you are to TV cookery shows what Lucrezia Borgia was to wine tasting evenings round Pope Alexander VI's place.
It was an infamous party held in the Papal Palace by debauched Cardinal Cesare Borgia, son of Pope Alexander VI on October 30, 1501.
With the Papal Bull of 1493, Pope Alexander VI drew the roadmap to all the Trails of Tears when he gave the New World to Spain and sanctified a process that would take more than 12 million indigenous lives in the area of the United States alone-deaths caused not just by germs but by guns and deliberate starvation.