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Noun1.Benedict XIV - pope who was a patron of the arts and who denounced the cruelty to the indigenous peoples of South America (1675-1758)
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Saint Joan was beatified on April 21, 1742, by Pope Benedict XIV and canonized on May 28, 1950, by Pope Pius XII.
22 -- The entire world appeared to stand still in anticipation for 266th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church nine months ago when the cardinals were at the conclave to elect a new Pope after the resignation of Pope Benedict XIV.
Other popes plundered it as a quarry until, in 1749, Pope Benedict XIV endorsed a view that the Colosseum was a sacred site, the scene of Christian martyrdom on a great scale.
2005) is one of the most important contributions to the history of Catholic-Jewish relations in the 18th century as it sheds light on the dark side of the allegedly "enlightened" Pope Benedict XIV (1740-1758) and on the church's practice of forcing Jewish parents in numerous ways to have their children baptized.
Prospero Lamertini (later Pope Benedict XIV, 1740-1758) described the promoter's charge:
Michelle won Pop Idol in 2003 and has gone on to a varied career including spells acting on stage in the West End in Little Voice, singing for Pope Benedict XIV at Bellahouston Park last year and radio and TV presenting.
Though the Sorbonne, at the behest of Pope Benedict XIV, officially reinstated Prades in October 1754, the arrest warrant of the Parlement remained in effect and he was never able to return to France.
In a message read out at the Mass, Pope Benedict XIV described Mother Teresa as an "inestimable gift" and said, "this year will be for the church and the world an occasion of joyful gratitude to God.