Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto

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Noun1.Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto - pope who condemned religious modernismGiuseppe Melchiorre Sarto - pope who condemned religious modernism; he was canonized in 1954 because of his interest in the poor (1835-1914)
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Historian Sheridan Gilley writes, "Catholic England came of age, when Pope Pius X in his Constitution Sapienti Consilio of 29 June 1908 declared England no longer a missionary territory" (34).
Finally, he presents a brief, but insightful biography of Pacelli, a devout follower of Pope Pius X, the arch conservative protector of the Church and avowed opponent of the evils ofmodernism.
It is the fourth recent troubling development in Catholic-Jewish relations, coming on the heels of the Vatican authorizing in July 2007 wider use of the Tridentine Mass with its Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews; its January 2009 lifting of excommunication of the Holocaust-denying Richard Williamson and three other bishops of the Society of Pope Pius X (whose Web site still features repugnant anti-Semitic canards); and the June 2009 U.