Francesco della Rovere

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Noun1.Francesco della Rovere - Italian pope from 1471 to 1484 who consented to the establishment of the Spanish Inquisition and built the Sistine Chapel (1414-1484)
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Like Francis, the Dominican saint Catherine of Siena (1347C 1380; canonized 1461) was believed to have received the stigmata, and it is indicative of the competition between the two orders that the Franciscans convinced Pope Sixtus IV to prohibit representations of her experiencing the miracle.
In 1483, the Sistine Chapel was consecrated by Pope Sixtus IV.
The Renaissance jewel takes its name from pope Sixtus IV, who had it built between 1477 and 1480.
The 135 by 44 foot chapel takes its name from Pope Sixtus IV, who commissioned it in 1475.
But things go awry when they find themselves caught up in a secret plot other than the Italian Pope Sixtus IV to murder Lorenzo and his brother Giuliano.
Recalling the story of a she-wolf which fed Romulus, the legendary founder of Rome, and his twin brother, Remus, after they had been thrown in a basket into the Tiber River, the so called "Lupa Capitolina" (Capitoline she-wolf) was donated to the museum in 1471 by Pope Sixtus IV.
The painting by Melozzo da Forli of Pope Sixtus IV appointing the humanist Bartolomeo Platina prefect of the Vatican Library is one of the iconic masterworks of the Renaissance in Rome.
Historians have long assumed that Pope Sixtus IV supported the Pazzi plotAueven in the opera, the brothers chat about the PopeAAEs enmity.