Guillaume de Grimoard

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Noun1.Guillaume de Grimoard - French pope from 1362 to 1370 who tried to reestablish the papacy in Rome but in 1367 returned to Avignon hoping to end the war between France and England; canonized in 1870 (1310-1370)
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In 1370 when Pope Urban V announced his return to Avignon after only three years in Rome, Bridget castigated him, this time through a revelation from the Virgin Mary.
Pope Urban V and his successor, Gregory XI, resisted the pressure of the French monarch, Charles V, to journey south to Italy, believing that their presence in Rome was a necessary precondition for the recovery of the Papal States.
BRIDGET OF SWEDEN(1302-1373), wife, mother, and church reformer: She warned Pope Urban V that if he left Rome to set up headquarters in France, "he will be struck such a blow that his teeth will shake in his mouth, his sight will be darkened, and his limbs tremble.