Bartolomeo Prignano

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Noun1.Bartolomeo Prignano - Italian pope from 1378 to 1389 whose contested election began the Great Schism; he alienated his political allies by his ruthless treatment of his opponents (1318-1389)
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Following the death of Gregory XI in March 1378, under pressure from Romans to elect a Roman leader of the church, the cardinals named Pope Urban VI who was from Naples.
His successor, Pope Urban VI, facing schism in the Church, called her to Rome to support him.
In many ways more Catholic that proto-Protestant in his sensibilities and a supporter of Pope Urban VI against the Avignon papacy, Wyclif nevertheless appealed to the early Reformers for his resistance to abuses such as the sale of indulgences, his disdain for what he regarded as the opprobrious power-wielding of the Church as a political institution, and especially his conviction that everyone should study the Bible "in the language in which he understands it best" (205).