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(Anatomy) anatomy a muscle in the leg


(pɒpˈlɪt i əs, ˌpɒp lɪˈti-)

n., pl. -lit•e•i (-ˈlɪt iˌaɪ, -lɪˈti aɪ)
a flat, triangular muscle at the back of the knee.
[1695–1705; < New Latin, = Latin poplit- (s. of poples) knee joint, back of the knee + -eus -eous]
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It descends along the back of the thigh and the popliteal fossa to the distal border of the popliteus muscle (Ndiaye et al.
Posterolateral corner is stabilised by the arcuate ligament complex which consists of lateral collateral ligament; biceps femoris tendon; popliteus muscle and tendon; popliteal meniscal and popliteal fibular ligaments; arcuate ligament, lateral gastrocnemius muscle and fabellofibular ligaments.
c) The popliteus tendon (white asterisk) originating from the LFC, running on the articular surface of the lateral tibial plateau (LTP), and continuing to the popliteus muscle (black asterisk).
Eccentric strengthening for the popliteus muscle and functional activities were introduced starting with jogging, cutting and other football specific activities.
The semimembranosus originates on the ischial tuberosity and inserts through five distal expansions on the posteromedial aspect of the tibia: oblique popliteal ligament, posterior capsule and posterior horn of the medial meniscus, posterior oblique ligament, aponeurosis of the popliteus muscle, and an anterior portion, which passes beneath the medial collateral ligament.
I continued to have physio on what was originally a hamstring tear, which caused the popliteus muscle to become inflamed," Harrington, who has slumped to 43 in the world rankings, said on his website.
30) The function of the meniscofemoral ligament is to stabilize the lateral meniscus against the pull of the popliteus muscle.
At the level of the proximal third of the leg, the muscle belly is situated between the popliteus muscle anteriorly, and the lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle posteriorly.
Examination for trigger points in the popliteus muscle involves palpation of its muscle belly and proximal tendon of attachment.