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(Anatomy) anatomy a muscle in the leg


(pɒpˈlɪt i əs, ˌpɒp lɪˈti-)

n., pl. -lit•e•i (-ˈlɪt iˌaɪ, -lɪˈti aɪ)
a flat, triangular muscle at the back of the knee.
[1695–1705; < New Latin, = Latin poplit- (s. of poples) knee joint, back of the knee + -eus -eous]
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The articular branch responsible is derived from the oblique descending branch innervating the popliteus muscle.
I continued to have physio on what was originally a hamstring tear, which caused the popliteus muscle to become inflamed," Harrington, who has slumped to 43 in the world rankings, said on his website.
The popliteus muscle functions as a concentric internal rotator of the tibia on the femur during open chain movements and eccentrically during closed chain movements as the femur externally rotates on the tibia.
30) The function of the meniscofemoral ligament is to stabilize the lateral meniscus against the pull of the popliteus muscle.
Examination for trigger points in the popliteus muscle involves palpation of its muscle belly and proximal tendon of attachment.