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Noun1.pop music - music of general appeal to teenagerspop music - music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watered-down version of rock'n'roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love
popular music, popular music genre - any genre of music having wide appeal (but usually only for a short time)
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Identification of amino acid residues responsible for increase thermostability of feruloyl esterase A from Aspergillus niger using the PoPMuSiC algorithm.
The first decomposition heuristic is based on the approach proposed by Taillard and published formerly under the name of POPMUSIC [24], and later in [25] as local optimization method (LOPT).
Nothing much, except a catchy vibe that makes it hard for popmusic aficionados to resist grooving to them
With those stations you are talking about popmusic, but 6Music is about rock, jazz, blues and new talent.
Heuger and Matthias Prell (eds), Popmusic Yesterday Today Tomorrow, Regensburg, Con Brio, 1995, pp95-105.
T he 21-year-old, who graduated in popmusic production this year, said: "I think it's good for the university to show how good looking some of the students are.
Enzo and Sergio Calzaghe revealed in a BBC Wales radio show that they gave up a career in popmusic tobegin the family sporting dynasty.
penned the book; lyrics come from David Zippel (who won the Tony for best score for 1989's City of Angels, with Cy Coleman); and popmusic writer/producer Matthew Wilder, who is best known for his perky 1980s anthem "Break My Stride," has pitched in with the rock-flavored score.
Outside the blockbuster-oriented popmusic mainstream, there are musical subcultures devoted to bluegrass, techno, classical, punk, hip hop, folk, and jazz--smaller worlds where one can be a success without even grazing the top 40.