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 (pō′pə-kăt′ə-pĕt′l, -pō-kä-tĕ′-)
A volcano, 5,452 m (17,887 ft) high, in central Mexico west of Puebla. It became active again in January 1994 after being dormant for decades.


(ˌpɒpəˈkætəpɛtəl; -ˌkætəˈpɛtəl; Spanish popokaˈtepɛtl)
(Placename) a volcano in SE central Mexico, southeast of Mexico City. Height: 5452 m (17 887 ft)


(ˌpɔ pɔ kɑˈtɛˌpɛt l, ˌpoʊ pəˈkæt əˌpɛt l)

a volcano in S central Mexico, SE of Mexico City. 17,887 ft. (5450 m).
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This little town two hours south of Mexico City parties in the shadow of the mysterious, 18,000-foot Popocatapetl, an active volcano that simmers and steams in anticipation of future havoc.
I think [Sullivan] is one of the characters in Point Counter Point', Lady Ottoline Morrell wrote in her memoirs,(109) and in The Duchess of Popocatapetl Henry Airbubble claims:
Turner's The Duchess of Popocatapetl, for instance, a novel based on the Australian critic's memories of London in the 1920s, the reader is introduced to '[t]hat gay, romantic, brilliant, and lovable Irishman, J.