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 (pō′pə-kăt′ə-pĕt′l, -pō-kä-tĕ′-)
A volcano, 5,452 m (17,887 ft) high, in central Mexico west of Puebla. It became active again in January 1994 after being dormant for decades.


(ˌpɒpəˈkætəpɛtəl; -ˌkætəˈpɛtəl; Spanish popokaˈtepɛtl)
(Placename) a volcano in SE central Mexico, southeast of Mexico City. Height: 5452 m (17 887 ft)


(ˌpɔ pɔ kɑˈtɛˌpɛt l, ˌpoʊ pəˈkæt əˌpɛt l)

a volcano in S central Mexico, SE of Mexico City. 17,887 ft. (5450 m).
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A Mexican television channel has broadcast images of what is allegedly a massive cylindrical UFO crashing down into the crater of Popocatepeti volcano.
The Popocatepeti is not new to UFO sightings, as several videos showing mysterious objects flying around it can be seen on YouTube.
Most recently, Mother-ship's Richard Wiese was the sole broadcaster on site during the eruptions of two of the most dangerous and active volcanoes in the world, namely Popocatepeti in Mexico City and Soufriere Hills in Montserrat.