Popular action

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(Law) an action in which any person may sue for penalty imposed by statute.
- Blackstone.

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Designed to work with Contour, Ion, Garmin, GoPro, SJCAM, Sony Action Cam and other popular action cams, this powered solution provides up to three times the normal battery life of a device, and includes its own mount and built-in charger with 2600mAh capacity.
The popular action game is fun for all ages and is available to play now.
Plans are under way for a prequel adaptation of the popular action movies which starred the Ballymena-born actor.
In the beginning, the regime faced unarmed disturbances and protests, but later the popular action snowballed into full-fledged armed confrontations with the regime forces.
The government also revoked the citizenship of other opposition figures, including Alam Al Youm newspaper owner Ahmad Jabr Al Shemmari and Popular Action Movement spokesman Saad Al Ajmi, who was later deported to Saudi Arabia.
However, even in light of such grave injustices and flagrant violations of international law, Palestinians everywhere remain undeterred in engaging in non-violent popular action, including political, legal and diplomatic efforts, to preserve their identity, continuity and presence on Palestinian lands.
Barrak was a member of parliament at the time but his nationalist Popular Action Movement (PAM) boycotted December 2012 and July 2013 polls held under the new electoral law.
Local media said among those affected were activist Nabil al-Awadhi, who is close to the Muslim Brotherhood, and Saad al-Ajami, a former journalist turned spokesman for the opposition Popular Action Movement.
BioWare's rumored next Mass Effect video game, Mass Effect 4 is getting fans all the more anxious with rumors trickling out of various online sources regarding the popular action RPG title.
The ruling family can no longer lead the government," said an official of the nationalist Popular Action Movement.
45pm) A workaholic father tries to make up for his perpetual absence from home by promising to buy his son a hugely popular action figure for Christmas - little realising every other father in town has the same idea.
Speaking to Voice of Lebanon radio, the MP asked to develop civil and popular action towards the file of missing Lebanese as well as that of the two bishops.