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Noun1.Population Commission - the commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations that is concerned with population control
Economic and Social Council commission, ECOSOC commission - a commission of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations
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The Department of Health and the Population Commission (PopCom) announced beforehand that the symbolic 100 millionth child will soon be born in the country.
National Population Commission and ORC Macro, Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey 1999, Calverton, MD, USA: National Population Commission and ORC Macro, 2000.
Al-Nasser, also National Population Commission deputy chief, hailed Bahrain's success in embracing a balanced approach to achieve sustained development and bolster economic, social and environmental pillars.
But, in the long-term, ageing will also be a problem," Zhang Feng, the head of Guangdong provive's population commission, told the Southern Metropolis News.
National Population Commission (NPC) [Nigeria] and ICF Macro.
National Population Commission and ORC Macro Infant feeding and children's and women's nutritional status.
We used a multilevel approach to account for the hierarchical structure of the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) (National Population Commission 2004) data--data for children (level 1) who were clustered within data for mothers (level 2), who were in turn clustered within data for communities (level 3)--because of its suitability for investigating the relationship between area-level socioeconomic disadvantage and mortality using census data or survey data (Bosma et al.
A sworn affidavit from Paul McHenry of the Irish Embassy in Abuja shows that Nigerian National Population Commission quickly established the document was bogus.
Although people in some areas said that they had not been counted, the chairman of the organising body, Sumaila Makama of the Nigerian National Population Commission (NPC), said: "There is nowhere in the world where you achieve 100% enumeration, but it is our aim to count all Nigerians, everybody who has made himself available to be counted.
Furthermore, the failure of the high-level population commission to meet and approve the plan of action and priority investments for population (PAIP) was an important cause of delay in the population component and an indicator of lack of Government commitment.