Populus nigra

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Noun1.Populus nigra - large European poplarPopulus nigra - large European poplar    
poplar tree, poplar - any of numerous trees of north temperate regions having light soft wood and flowers borne in catkins
Lombardy poplar, Populus nigra italica - distinguished by its columnar fastigiate shape and erect branches
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Procurement It Will Purchase Trees for Planting 1 Platanus Hybrid (Turntable) 2 Betula Alba (Birch) 3 Populus Nigra Italica Var.
However, Populus nigra is the only European poplar said to yield mappa burl.
But the 200-year-old giants, which are all but extinct in the North, are now safe from the saws after experts confirmed they were bona-fide Populus Nigra.