Populus tremula

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Noun1.Populus tremula - Old World aspen with a broad much-branched crownPopulus tremula - Old World aspen with a broad much-branched crown; northwestern Europe and Siberia to North Africa
aspen - any of several trees of the genus Populus having leaves on flattened stalks so that they flutter in the lightest wind
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Delivery and planting of Populus tremula H, 2xr, MB, incl.
whereas Cirsium oleraceum, Cirsium palustre, Epilobium hirsutum, and Populus tremula occurred only on fertilized peat blocks in the greenhouse.
Vitamin D and related substances have been recognized as plant growth substances which, inter alia, promote AR in Populus tremula L.
Arens-Corell (1992) "Study of the anti-inflammatory activity of Populus tremula, Solidago virgaurea and Fraxinus excelsior".
Key words: A Ices alces, biodiversity, browsing, European aspen, moose, Populus tremula, regeneration
This agent consists of five components; four are extracted from Chimaphila umbellata, Populus tremula, Pulsatilla pratensis and Equisetum arvense (coded as EVI-1, EVI-2, EVI-3 and EVI-4, respectively) and the fifth is germ oil from Triticum aestivum (coded as EVI-5).
European poplars include a variety of Populus species, including Populus nigra, Populus Canadensis, Populus robusta and Populus tremula.
Populus tremula, Fraxinus excelsior, and Solidago virgaurea.