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A heavy-bodied mackerel shark (Lamna nasus) chiefly of temperate waters.

[Cornish porbugel.]


(Animals) any of several voracious sharks of the genus Lamna, esp L. nasus, of northern seas: family Isuridae. Also called: mackerel shark
[C18: from Cornish porgh-bugel, of obscure origin]


(ˈpɔrˌbi gəl)

a large, voracious mackerel shark, Lamna nasus, of northern seas, having a crescent-shaped tail.
[1750–60; < Cornish porghbugel]
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Noun1.porbeagle - voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and Pacificporbeagle - voracious pointed-nose shark of northern Atlantic and Pacific
mackerel shark - fierce pelagic and oceanic sharks
genus Lamna, Lamna - a genus of Lamnidae
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Porbeagles grow up to 8ft long and have only been recorded biting humans three what be times.
The summer heatwave is said to have attracted more sharks to UK waters recently and many porbeagles have been spotted off the North-east coast over the last few months.
This year, the Magellan crew took top honors with two big porbeagles, weighing 429 and 313 pounds.
Porbeagles - which are closely related to the Great Whites featured in Hollywood thriller Jaws - have been known to attack humans, although it is rare.
Porbeagles are coldwater sharks that have a similar body shape and tail to great white sharks.
High-definition broadcast quality b-roll of scalloped hammerheads, oceanic whitetips, porbeagles and spiny dogfish is available upon request.
Tony Asiamah, who runs Seaview Fisheries, said: "We usually get porbeagles two or three times a year.
Porbeagles are not unknown in Scottish waters but are usually found in the south-west of Britain, off the Cornish and Welsh coasts.
Porbeagles that do turn up in the North East come in late summer, tempted by the returning mackerel and herring.
Both species are fished off US coasts: Europeans use spiny dogfish in fish and chips, while porbeagles are prized for meat and fins.
The trips, due to go out from Cornwall, have been organised by shark conservationist Richard Peirce who said the main aim was to see blue and porbeagles harks.
New Zealand porbeagles therefore mature at shorter lengths than they do in the North Atlantic Ocean.