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n.1.A composition of quicksilver, tin, and sulphur, forming a yellow powder, sometimes used by mediæval artists, for the sake of economy, instead of gold.
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Kenneth Mathis, Jaymor Management Charlotte NC NALP, CAM Jerry McGuire, CAM Conlin Properties Des Moines IA Constantino The Lynd Company Trotwood OH Morelli, CAM Megan Morris-Hahn, CAM Stadium Suites Columbia SC Pascal Munneliy, CAM Belco Equities Pflugerdlle TX Prabhjoat Phaguda, CAM McKinley Gainesville FI Catherine JAMCO Properties McDonough GA Porporino, CAM Janet Reves, CAM Cobblestone Hill Denver CO Apartments Elke Robb, CAM Hubbell Realty Company W.
Porporino goes on to say, "Treated as an empirical end-state or point in time, an offender has desisted if, for example, he or she has remained offense-free for some defined period.
and former Cinar audit committee member Andrew Porporino Formerly of Ernst and Young and Cinar senior accountant Lucy Caterina Formerly of Ernst and Young and Cinar controller Mario Ricci Formerly of Cinar accounting department and thereafter with Norshield Louise Sansregret Former Cinar vice president of corporate communications Barrie Usher Former Cinar CEO Lino Matteo President and CEO, Mount Real Glen Harloff Cinar accountant Michael Hirsch CEO, Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc.
So when the irascible Father Porporino tries to bring in an outside interior-decorating firm to remodel the church, the parish sees to it that The House of "B" gets the commission.
Andrew Porporino, is promoted from Vice President, Finance-Production to Chief Financial Officer of CINAR Entertainment.
PORPORINO, COPING, BEHAVIOR, AND ADAPTATION IN PRISON INMATES (1988); Stanton Wheeler, Socialization in Correctional Communities, 26 AM.
Weinberg noted, "In order to support our growing business we are pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Porporino, CA, as Vice-President Finance-Production effective today.
This was particularly evident for correctional officers versus noncorrectional officers, with the latter group viewing treatment more favorably than the former (Antonio, Young and Wingeard, 2009; Antonio, Young and Wingeard, foKhcoming; Gordon, 1999; Kifer, Hemmens and Stohr, 2003; Robinson, Porporino and Simourd, 1993).
Porporino also worked for Ernst & Young as a Chartered Accountant for five years.
Individual attitudes and personal opinions toward the new strategy and the implementation of that strategy may be responsible for the success or failure of a new initiative (Gagan and Hewitt-Taylor, 2004; Haas, Hamilton and Hanley, 2005; Robinson, Porporino and Simourd, 1993; Van Voorhis, Cullen and Applegate, 1995).
Urging that evidence-based practice is essential in working with offenders, Frank Porporino highlights the central theme of the book by noting that "what has come to be termed as doing 'what works,' should be the singular preoccupation of our field, not the luxury or good fortune of a few who have the resources or the expertise to embrace it" (p.
Porporino, Managing Violent Individuals in Correctional Settings, 1 J.