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n.1.A composition of quicksilver, tin, and sulphur, forming a yellow powder, sometimes used by mediæval artists, for the sake of economy, instead of gold.
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Porporino goes on to say, "Treated as an empirical end-state or point in time, an offender has desisted if, for example, he or she has remained offense-free for some defined period.
Prison inmates have been identified as an at-risk population for having poor psychological health because of the distress associated with incarceration (Toch, 1977; Zamble & Porporino, 1988).
Nicola Porpora (1686-1768), musico, compositor, profesor de canto y empresario cenido por la aureola legendaria de "creador de voces", "primer maestro de canto del universo", precursor de una barbara biotecnologia, cobro fama gracias a las voces de sus capados pupilos como Farinelli, Caffarelli, Salimbeni, Appiani y Porporino, cuyos cinco nombres fulguran en la historia de la musica como emblemas del mas alzado y arriesgado virtuosismo.
There have been several reviews of evaluations of the R&R program (Allen, Mackenzie, & Hickman, 2001; Pearson, Lipton, Cleland, & Yee, 2002; Robinson & Porporino, 2001; Ross & Ross, 1995c).
Todo ello permite analizar la experiencia del encarcelamiento desde una perspectiva psicosocial (Zamble & Porporino, 1990; Gutierrez, 1997; Martinez-Taboada & Arnoso, 1999), desde a) los efectos psicologicos --cognicion, emociones, sexualidad-- del encarcelamiento, b) el clima social en prision, o c) la cultura formal e informal de este tipo de establecimientos.
So when the irascible Father Porporino tries to bring in an outside interior-decorating firm to remodel the church, the parish sees to it that The House of "B" gets the commission.
Premio Medicis gracias a Porporino ou les Mysteres de Naples, Premio Goncourt por Dans le main de l'ange.
Chapter 2 ('Beginnings: "Culture du placard"') explores early works such as Porporino ou les mysteres de Naples and Les enfants de Gogol, where the theme of homosexuality remains latent.
Large groups among the prisoner population share those characteristics associated with increased suicide risk in the community: adverse life events, negative interpersonal relationships, social and economic disadvantage, alcohol and drug addiction, contact with criminal justice agencies, poor educational and employment history, low self-esteem, poor problem-solving ability, and low motivational drive (see for example, Zamble and Porporino 1988; Walmsley et al.