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1. also Telnet An internet communications protocol that enables a computer to function as a terminal working from a remote computer.
2. A program that implements this protocol.
intr.v. tel·net·ted, tel·net·ting, tel·nets or tel·net·ed or tel·net·ing
To access an account over the internet using the telnet protocol: telnetted from her work computer to her university account.


(Computer Science) a computer system allowing one user to access remotely other computers on the same network
vb (intr)
(Computer Science) to use a telnet system


(ˈtɛlˌnɛt) Computers, Trademark.
1. a protocol for connecting to a remote computer, esp. over the Internet.
2. any program that implements this protocol.
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Port 23 (Telnet) remained the most popular target in the fourth quarter, accounting for 32% of observed attacks, a significant increase to more than 2.
Port 23 remained the most popular target of attacks observed to be originating in China, accounting for more than three times more volume than Port 80, the second-most attacked port within the country.
Ellesmere Port and Neston MP Andrew Miller repeated his confidence in Veolia - pointing to the site's unblemished safety record since it opened in Ellesmere Port 23 years ago.