Port Phillip Bay

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Port Phil·lip Bay

A large deep-water inlet of Bass Strait on the southeast coast of Australia. The first permanent British settlement on the bay was at Melbourne in 1835.

Port Phillip Bay

(ˈfɪlɪp) or

Port Phillip

(Placename) a bay in SE Australia, which forms the harbour of Melbourne

Port` Phil′lip Bay′

a bay in SE Australia: the harbor of Melbourne. 31 mi. (50 km) long; 25 mi. (40 km) wide.
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Researchers from Orygen, the National Centre of Excellence for Youth Mental Health; the University of Melbourne; Port Phillip Prison and University Hospital of Gran Canaria Dr Negrin, Spain, have shown that childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse are associated with severe hallucinations in schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders.
I think the whole week was a great success, a lot of great sailing, and I think every race has been really good fun on Port Phillip Bay.
The sites include the Barmah and Gunbower forests and Kerang and Hattah Kulkyne Lakes in Northern Victoria, Western District Lakes and Lake Albacutya in Western Victoria, Corner Inlet and Gippsland Lakes in Gippsland, Western Port, Edithvale-Seaford wetlands and Port Phillip Bay and Bellarine Peninsula.
To engage with the conference theme of mapping the coastal communities of Australia and New Zealand, I will conclude by highlighting the two most historically significant surveys of Port Phillip Bay in Victoria.
Kilda and Port Melbourne beaches, as well as parks around the City of Port Phillip back in January.
Introduced Marine Pest species (IMPs) are renowned for having the potential to compromise biodiversity, and have been detrimental in a number of ways to various marine habitats, including within Port Phillip Bay (Hewitt et al.
He spent three years in the maximum security Port Phillip Prison, in Victoria, Australia, before he agreed to work for the American DEA and went undercover with a Mexican drug cartel, using connections he made in prison.
Kiteboarders enjoy reliable winds blowing across Port Phillip on a beautiful summer day in Hobsons Bay near St Kilda.
Curr was not untypical of the pastoralists who took up land in Port Phillip north of the Great Dividing Range in the early 1840s, except that he had been born in Van Diemen's Land and was acting on behalf of his father, an overbearing man prominent in the early politics of Melbourne (of whom we hear much in this volume).
The gale force winds coming off Bass Straight often give the heads of Port Phillip Bay a battering.
Beyond the Bars was initiated by a former 3CR program manager, Jay Estorninho, and the Port Phillip Prison Koori Liaison Officer, Shaun Braybrook (Tolhurst, in CBAA, 2005).
It is also of interest and relevance that this issue of the journal records the 'Rules and regulations of the Port Phillip Medical Association' (10).