Port Salut

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Port Sa·lut

 (pôr′ să-lo͞o′, -lü′) also Port du Sa·lut (də)
A mild, semisoft cow's milk cheese with an orange rind, made originally by Trappist monks in France.

[After Notre Dame de Port-du-Salut, a Trappist abbey in northwest France.]
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In the picturesque beach town of Port Salut, for example, there are few hotels that would be deemed attractive and comfortable to most foreign tourists, and its beaches are heavily eroded, and often polluted by litter and less than adequate sanitation systems.
Returning to base, we bought local produce including rillettes de porc (similar to pate), Port Salut and Saint Paulin cheeses, plus crusty baguettes.
From the markets of Port-au-Prince, to the streets of Jacmel, to the white sandy beaches of Port Salut, we'll keep you connected.
Port Salut (Dh20/100g) -- perfect texture and balanced taste -- an easy to eat cheese
If you feel daring, you can build your own macaroni and cheese (or grilled cheese sandwich) by selecting from four pastas, four cheeses (Irish cheddar, smoked gouda, Port Salut or Swiss gruyere) and fillings that included diced ham, asparagus, mushrooms, tomato and basil pesto.
For consumers craving Old World sophistication, The Mediterranean Collection is comprised of tangy Spanish Tipsy Goat, French Port Salut and Italian Piave.
The one high school, Lycee Jean Hubert Feuille, has a student body of 2,000 and houses the FOKAL-supported community library, Les Amis Leeteurs de Port Salut.
James Kort was presented with the accolade for his Port Salut cheese and caramelised rhubarb sandwich.
Terrific with a wide range of soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert or Port Salut.
Chunk of port salut, four madeleine sponge fingers (372 calories, 24g fat)
I always serve this this little number with a warm baguette - crisp with its elastic dough, a wedge of Port Salut cheese, salted butter and kettle chips.
They are cousins and both grew up, separately, near the southern town of Port Salut.