Port bar

(Naut,) A boom
A bar, as of sand, at the mouth of, or in, a port.
(Naut.) a bar to secure the ports of a ship in a gale.

See also: Port, Port, Port

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THE WEST PORT BAR & KITCHEN South Street, St Andrews
Moses Emmanuel sent a rasping first-time effort over the Port bar before the Bromley striker brought a good low save from goalkeeper Max Crocombe after receiving a neat pass from Bradley Goldberg.
Guests have the option to dine in the lakeside restaurant or the more casual Port Bar.
The Ministry of Transport and the Macedonian railway company are negotiating a special package with lower rates for the rail transport to the port Bar in Montenegro.
The Lake of Menteith Hotel sits on the edge of Scotland's only lake and features 16 stylish bedrooms - many with lake views - plus a tranquil lakeside restaurant and welcoming Port Bar.
Sue Emmans of the West Port bar said: "Prince William has been in here a few times for a drink and to eat.
Also martini and cordial bars, cigar lounge and chocolate and port bar.
To ensure that the highly mobile PC-UM10 is also extremely capable, an optional port bar, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive and extended life battery will be offered.
Alongside a refurbishment of the public areas, restaurant and bedrooms, the hotel now features a stylish malt vault for whisky and a new port bar for guests and visitors.
The award-winning Lake of Menteith Hotel has just undergone a full refurbishment,with a stylish new look for the bedrooms, a handcrafted Malt Vault and welcoming Port Bar.
The clubber's night will begin in the First Port bar, a relaxed place to meet up with friends and enjoy some food.
Later in the day they had lunch at the cityi's Port bar on Dawson's Street.
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