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A city of southwest South Korea on the Korea Strait north-northeast of Busan. It is an industrial center.
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According to a statement, the modules for the first HRSG started with their five week journey at the port of Ulsan in South Korea in the Sea of Japan (East Sea), which will be loaded into a heavy lift vessel.
A spokesman at SK Energy's parent firm, SK Innovation, said its first Iranian cargo for this month arrived at the port of Ulsan on Tuesday.
In a bid to increase the terminalling business in the port of Ulsan, Horizon Terminals Limited acquired 50 percent shares in a terminal company owned by Taeyoung Industries in 2006, to form Horizon Taeyoung Korea Terminals Limited (HTKT).
The tanker was on its way to the Saudi port of Yanbu in the Red Sea after unloading oil at the South Korean port of Ulsan when the attack happened, the company said.
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