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(uˈswaɪ ə)

a city in S Argentina, on the S coast of Tierra del Fuego: the southernmost city in the world. 10,998.
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The Capesante, Italian for "scallop", joins the company's Argentine fleet based in the port of Ushuaia, the southern-most city in the world.
However, disaster struck for Dongfeng on day 12 when they snapped off the top section on their yacht's mast, forcing them to divert to the Argentinian port of Ushuaia, before ultimately retiring from the leg.
The vessel returned to the port of Ushuaia in Argentina and a 10-day cruise was cancelled while repairs were carried out.
were refused entry at the Argentine port of Ushuaia because they had previously visited the Falkland Islands and bared British flags.
The cruise ship, built in 1970, operates from the Port of Ushuaia in southern Argentina, transporting passengers to Antarctica and islands in South Atlantic.
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