docking station

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dock·ing station

1. A device to which a laptop or notebook computer can be attached to provide easy access to a power supply and a collection of peripherals that are typically connected to desktop computers.
2. A plug-in device with built-in speakers to which a portable media player can be attached, allowing audio files to be played out loud. In both senses also called dock.

docking station

(Electronics) a device used to connect one appliance to another, esp a portable computer and a desktop computer, to make use of its external power supply, monitor, and keyboard, esp to enable the transfer of data between the machines

dock′ing sta`tion

a small desktop cabinet, usu. containing disk drives and ports for connection to peripherals, into which a laptop may be inserted so as to give it the functionality of a desktop computer.
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Seven different notebooks now use a standard port replicator, providing a guaranteed remedy to the common headache of docking compatibility
Other features include dual magnetic activated display latches, modular hot-swap bay to house optional drives or second battery, multiple options for maximum configurability and a full-featured port replicator optimized for performance.
A vital missing link in notebook evolution has finally been discovered - the UniXpress USB Port Replicator from Addlogix of Irvine, CA.
Toshiba continues to build on its reputation for reducing TCO by incorporating common docking including Toshiba's Advanced Port Replicator III (APRIII) that maintains the same docking connector as the APRI and APRII for backwards compatibility and Slim SelectBay accessories with most Tecra/Portege products.
If that simply isn't enough for you, there's a separate port replicator with hardware MPEG2 encoder and TV tuner packed in the box.
Acer's optional EasyPort port replicator system eliminates all cable management problems.
Buy either a port replicator or a docking station to make office use more convenient.
The Model 200 has a ready-desk port replicator (docking station), 486SL-25 microprocessor, 200 MB hard disk and Ethernet LAN (local area network) port.
0 Port Replicator with Dual Digital Video Graphics, Gigabit Ethernet, Audio, USB2 and USB3 connectivity.
A USB port replicator is available for $49 for use as a business desktop.
UniXpress USB Port Replicator Provides More Options for Attaching Computer Peripherals Than a Docking Station or Traditional Port Replicators, Including VGA & Dual-PC Support
In addition to AMD power management technology, LifeBook S2000 notebooks will feature a port replicator option for easy docking, a key benefit for business users.