air conditioner

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air conditioner
window-style unit

air conditioner

An apparatus for controlling, especially lowering, the temperature and humidity of an enclosed space.

air′ condi`tioner

an air-conditioning device.
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Noun1.air conditioner - a system that keeps air cool and dryair conditioner - a system that keeps air cool and dry
cooling, cooling system - a mechanism for keeping something cool; "the cooling was overhead fans"
مكيف الهواء
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The ruling orders that the Department of Energy must implement energy efficiency standards for portable air conditioners, uninterruptible power supplies, air compressors and commercial packaged boilers.
Inside the pharmacy, the recovery team strung lights and set up a generator to run portable air conditioners and fans.
Impecca--producers of impeccably designed audio, video, digital photo, computer peripherals, window and portable air conditioners, and kitchen and home appliances--has introduced a new line of Power it multi-function portable car jump starter/device charger kits.
Homeowners can rent a broad range of up-to-date equipment from Sunbelt Rentals including general construction equipment, electric tools, paint sprayers, lawn and landscape equipment, pressure washers, portable Air Conditioners and Heaters, generators, gloves, safety equipment and accessories.
While many tenants are shelling out extra money to stay at hotels, others have invested in portable air conditioners to cool down their sweltering apartments.
There are also portable air conditioners for each member's pit garage when appropriate, 10 per cent discounts on all BIC merchandise, and much more.
Noting that his company has been active in terms of patents for technologies for portable air conditioners, Francesco De Flaviis, director of marketing for De'Longhi USA, said, "We believe that all categories in air treatment have good potential for growth when the right innovative feature is introduced.
Portable air conditioners are similar to window units in operation.
Portable Air Conditioners may be sufficient to keep the bedroom cool, saving on more expensive cooling appliances.
The company, which sells portable air conditioners in its home market of South Korea, will launch first units in the category in the United States in the late summer, said Tony Kircher, president.

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