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Then all our portables will be upset from top to bottom, that is a fact.
After being severed from the whale, the white-horse is first cut into portable oblongs ere going to the mincer.
It don't signify to you with your brilliant look-out, but as to myself, my guidingstar always is, "Get hold of portable property".
But the great advantage of the coracle it certainly possessed, for it was exceedingly light and portable.
He chose three companions for his journey, put up a small stock of necessaries in the most portable form, and selected five horses and mules for themselves and their baggage.
We wondered what had become of the wretch, and made a hurried investigation amongst our portable property.
he was thrusting his hand into his pocket in search of a box of yellow lozenges, which he had brought with him from Brigford among other delicacies of the same portable kind, as a means of conciliating proud beauty, and more particularly the beauty of Miss Sarah Lunn.
Let us suppose," he continued, folding his table-napkin into a graceful festoon, "that this represents what is perhaps the necessity of this Age--the Active Tourist's Portable Bath.
All their remaining stock of provisions consisted of forty pounds of Indian corn, twenty pounds of grease, about five pounds of portable soup, and a sufficient quantity of dried meat to allow each man a pittance of five pounds and a quarter, to be reserved for emergencies.
The portable lectern was taken out from the corner and set in the middle of the fireplace, the two old servants came in, and Angel's father began to read at the tenth verse of the aforesaid chapter
The First Groom of the Palace will proceed to count the portable articles of value belonging to the premises.
Joe had conveyed his portable kitchen to the oasis, and proceeded to indulge in any number of culinary combinations, using water all the time with the most profuse extravagance.