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installation of temporary portacabin and portaloo, lining treatment of entrance, repositioning of existing Emo petrol filling station sign, and all ancillary site works including landscaping.
I am reliably informed that 61 people now inhabit it, and there is one Portaloo provided.
A PORTALOO boss has promised he won't be 'caught short' if Huddersfield Town win today's play-off final.
Movie director Guy Ritchie loved the stunning Quiraing on Skye so much that he had a portaloo carried four miles across country so he could film there.
Footage from the incident - which included demonstrators trying to use a portaloo as a weapon against cops - was shown to the jury.
The Portakabin Group offers a series of market-leading modular building brands including Portakabin, Portaloo, Yorkon and Konstructa, which all now benefit from the independent accreditation.
Just the thought of chowing down on pitta bread with the heady waft of a Portaloo is enough to make me douse myself in patchouli oil.
Whether you have braved the portaloo or just enjoyed a veggie burger, keep your hands germ and grease free with Soap & Glory's antibacterial hand cleansing gel, Hand Maid.
After a week in which football's innocence has been dragged through the mud/stained/tainted/spat upon/used to mop up the floor of a Glastonbury Portaloo (depending on which newspaper you read) let's just pray that today's game isn't marred by any assaults involving prize-winning vegetables.
This bizarre invention encourages the rider to use the portaloo as much as possible on every journey as the waste is turned into biofuel, which powers the machine, the Daily Mail reported.
Wearing protective goggles, it showed Britney in a messy scenario involving a portaloo, something she described as 'The Poo Cocktail Supreme'.