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The giant Worthy Farm festival, which starts on June 24, is being recreated in bricks in the Miniland area, featuring portaloos and tents, plus Lego figures of headliners the Foo Fighters and Kanye West on the Pyramid Stage.
This event is hugely popular and it would have cost a huge amount of money to provide these portaloos.
If you prefer Pimms to Portaloos and a different kind of racquet, ho ho, tennis from Wimbledon begins today, a day before a ball (boy) has even been struck with a recap of last year's tournament (BBC2, 2.
Remember the unbuttoned shirt rule - one button undone for the day, two for the night, three you're Jennifer Lopez, five you're David Hasselhoff, six you're Piers Morgan" GQ editor Dylan Jones "Running isn't glamorous, it's about sweating and Portaloos - if you get there in time" Model and amateur athlete Nell McAndrew, below "The opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics are mass satanic rituals disguised as a celebration of Britain and sport" Former TV presenter David Icke, now a "conspiracy theorist" "The media, if I may respectfully say, were in the lead in drumming up hysteria, gloom and terror about the possibility of various things going wrong, not least transport.
Could the council not open the public loos in Cathedral Lanes again especially when events take place in Broadgate or will they provide Portaloos on these occasions?
In the true spirit of community, Hefin Thomas sponsors the Bodedern Junior and Bangor Junior football teams; and the business has also supplied portaloos, free of charge, to local charities.
Yes, folks, we are talking portaloos - and with good reason, according to Cllr Shirley Crickmere, as reported in that most august of organs the Newmarket Journal.
With the weather playing ball and even the Portaloos civilised, there were only a couple of bum notes struck.
There were no portaloos and I didn't see any aid services in the area at all, in stark contrast to other suburbs.
The vandals torched 10 brand new Portaloos, slashed the panels of a rented marquee and blasted fire extinguishers everywhere.
He added while the community appreciated the need for proper sanitation at the site, they believed portaloos could have been installed instead.