Portland stone

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Port´land stone´

1.A yellowish-white calcareous freestone from the Isle of Portland in England, much used in building.
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Her eyes and hair were hazel-nut color; and her teeth, the upper row of which she displayed freely, were like fine Portland stone, and sloped outward enough to have spoilt her mouth, had they not been supported by a rich under lip, and a finely curved, impudent chin.
EVERY time I emerge from Lime Street station my eye is inadvertently drawn to the Portland stone edifice on the junction with Elliot Street: the once-proud ABC (ex-Forum) cinema.
Above the striking portico of classical columns rises an unmistakably Modernist-style central panel of windows and vertical fins in Portland stone, framed by a set-back surround of stone with inset windows.
Edmund House was eleven storeys of Portland stone, windows and pale grey infill panels which made it a simple, pleasing building until a truly ugly, three-storey portico and dark cladding was added some time in the 1980s, turning a quiet, well-proportioned building into something akin to a 1950s juke box.
This attractive building with Portland stone columns on the corner of Newcastle's Pilgrim and Market Streets was photographed on an unseasonably mild day, December 21, 1972.
The octagonal hall with domed roof (pictured) was constructed from Portland Stone and funded by public donations.
THE Hall of Memory opened in 1925 after three years' work to commemorate 12,320 lives lost during the First World War, the octagonal hall with domed roof was constructed from Portland Stone and funded by public donations.
The firms have been sued by quarrying company, Portland Stone Holdings Limited, which said that the banks had tried to engineer the administration of its subsidiary, Stone Firms Ltd, in 2010.
She wanted to know what each section of the garden - from the Portland stone paving to the round bench - represented.
Dominated, of course, by the Civic Centre, it possesses some of the finest architecture in the world, the vast monoliths of Portland Stone broadcasting to the world that: "Important work goes on within these walls
After the Great Fire of London, Portland Stone became a fashionable choice for architects, who praised its resistance to erosion and its sound structure.
The memorial, made of Portland stone, weighs around three tons and stands 2.

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