Portland stone

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Port´land stone´

1.A yellowish-white calcareous freestone from the Isle of Portland in England, much used in building.
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Her eyes and hair were hazel-nut color; and her teeth, the upper row of which she displayed freely, were like fine Portland stone, and sloped outward enough to have spoilt her mouth, had they not been supported by a rich under lip, and a finely curved, impudent chin.
Its Portland stone memorial is designed so that on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a shaft of sunlight dissects its walls, falling on a bronze wreath sculpture.
His work has been commissioned for places of public note throughout Wales; the diverse repertoire including works in Welsh Slate, bronze and Portland stone.
Of the sculptural works, Sheila Karran's two stoneware bird baths on wooden stands are attractive and rustic looking, and Cliff Vance's Pegasus and Equuleus made from Portland stone are smooth and serene looking.
The scheme has been thoughtfully designed by Squire and Partners to blend into the park's surroundings by using materials such as Portland stone and bronze.
Albion House is constructed from Portland stone and red brick, leading it to be nicknamed the "streaky bacon" building.
And the grieving families of four Huddersfield soldiers were there with pride to see the names of their loved ones, each of which has been newlyengraved in the white Portland stone of the main National Armed Forces Memorial at Alrewas, Staffordshire.
Features such as the portland stone tower and archway could deliver a magnificent gateway to the university, and the grand meeting room and internal drill yard could find exciting new uses as venues for academic and ceremonial events.
THE NEWBURN SOLDIER (Part Two) RESTORED once more the workforce have gone, Thank God for their skills, with Portland stone, Now there is lighting and a fence to surround me, No more the sorry sight as when they first found me, For the help and funding so generously given, Let us all unite in a heartfelt 'Thank You', To good folk who know I'm much more than a statue, Let me remain as I am to mellow with age, No more to bear the brunt of wanton, senseless rage, May poppy tributes be laid with each Autumn season, Instill in your children I stand here for a reason, Transformed, to gaze out over the rolling Tyne, At peace with my comrades, from this spot that is mine.
The memorial, which will be built from Portland stone, has been designed by awarding-winning architect Liam O'Connor, and will feature a bronze centrepiece of seven aircrew by sculptor Philip Jackson.
The comprehensive programme of external refurbishment involves the systematic cleaning of the exterior and repairs to the Portland Stone facade of the Grade II* listed building.

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