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The capital of Benin, in the southeast part of the country on an inlet of the Bight of Benin. Probably founded in the 1500s, it was settled as a slave-trading center by the Portuguese in the 1600s.
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In a meeting between Iranian President's Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian and Beninese Foreign Minister Nasirou Bako, the two officials called for advanced relations between Tehran and Porto-Novo in various economic, cultural, scientific and political domains.
To ensure radiation, Business Promotion Center will be installed progressively in the main cities namely Benin: Cotonou, Porto-Novo, Parakou, Bohicon Lokossa Natitingou.
The Ambassador made the remark during his meeting with a delegation of the Society of the Revival of Islamic Heritage, the embassy in Porto-Novo said in a statement received by KUNA on Thursday.
Lors de la 18eme edition de cette competition continentale, tenue du 28 juin au 1er juillet 2012 a Porto-Novo (Benin) et remportee par le Nigeria, le Maroc avait termine 7eme avec 7 medailles (2 en or, 2 en, et 3 en bronze).
Champion d'Afrique de ladite epreuve en 2012 a Porto-Novo (Benin), l'enfant de Souk-Ahras compte travailler davantage sa vitesse avec les meilleurs mondiaux afin de jauger ses capacites de preparation dans cette specialite.
PORTO-NOVO (TAP) - resigned as interim president of the Central African Republic on Friday after months of sectarian violence, has sought exile in Benin, according to Chadian and Beninese officials.
Speaking to Today's Zaman in an exclusive interview, Kerekou spoke of the ties between Turkey and Benin, and said that although relations between Ankara and Porto-Novo began in 1961 after Benin's independence, the alliance between the two is still fresh and they have been trying to strengthen economic relations as there is so much to be done in this field.
Rudy Gestede will travel to Porto-Novo to represent Benin in their World Cup qualification clash with Rwanda on Sunday, September 8 and, though neither are expected to play, Marshall and Conway have been called-up to the Scotland squad for their World Cup qualifiers against Belgium at home and Macedonia away.
Locations of the case studies include the East African Rift system, the Porto-Novo region of southeastern Benin, dolomite aquifers in South Africa, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Malawi.
Near Cotonou is Porto-Novo, which boasts a number of attractions, including the first museum established in Benin, the Ethnographic Museum.