Portrait bust

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a bust or statue representing the actual features or person of an individual; - in distinction from an ideal bust or statue.

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Among others, she made a portrait bust of the Austrian author Thomas Bernhard.
The grand staircase inevitably creates the expectation of a powerful architectural presence at the summit, but instead one encounters the trees and grass and the inclined, tapered terrace's tunnel-vision effect, which simply emphasizes the weakness of the vista's termination by the alcove with the portrait bust.
A good, large R & L portrait bust of William Ewart Gladstone, from the original by the sculptor Edward William Wyon (1811-1885).
London, Sep 1 ( ANI ): The British House of Commons' Works of Art Committee is reportedly planning for a portrait bust of former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, which would placed in the UK Parliament Members' Lobby representing the Prime Ministers of the 20th century.
McCain's son Donald, who himself tasted Aintree glory with Ballabriggs last April, said yesterday: "When Aintree discussed the idea with us, we were thrilled that they had chosen to commemorate Dad's achievements with a bronze portrait bust.
The bronze portrait bust has been commissioned by the racecourse to celebrate the trainer of three-times Grand National winner Red Rum and 2004 hero Amberleigh House.
McCain, who won the National four times as a trainer, died last September and his son Donald said: "When Aintree discussed the idea with us we were thrilled they had chosen to commemorate Dad's achievements with a bronze portrait bust.
AINTREE have revealed they have commissioned a bronze portrait bust of Ginger McCain to stand overlooking the parade ring to commemorate the National hero.
Unveiling of Faizs portrait bust in copper sculpted by Irfan Hakim is also part of the event.
Among the illustrations accompanying this article are Hungarian pictorial representations of Calvin in copper etchings, statues, a portrait bust, a coin, a postcard, and a stamp.
I was trying to create the essential, definitive Martin Luther King portrait bust," said Frudakis.
Condon uses these innovative techniques to lend a surreal edge to the august legacy of the portrait bust, fashioning works that nod to the tradition at the same time that they mirror contemporary psychic discomfiture.