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 (mĭn′ē-ə-cho͝or′, -chər, mĭn′ə-)
a. A copy or model that represents or reproduces something in a greatly reduced size.
b. Something small of its class.
a. A small painting executed with great detail, often on a surface such as ivory or vellum.
b. A small portrait, picture, or decorative letter on an illuminated manuscript.
c. The art of painting miniatures.
Greatly reduced in size or scale. See Synonyms at small.

[Italian miniatura, illumination of manuscripts, small painting, from miniare, to illuminate, from Latin miniāre, to color red, from minium, cinnabar, red lead (often used to adulterate cinnabar), probably of pre-Roman Iberian origin (since the Romans obtained most of their cinnabar from Spain); akin to Minius, ancient Roman name of the Miño (Minho) River of Galicia and northern Portugal.]

min′i·a·tur′ist n.


(Art Terms) a person who paints miniature portraits


(ˈmɪn i ə tʃər ɪst, ˈmɪn ə tʃər-)

1. a painter of miniatures.
2. a person who makes or collects miniature objects.


1. Obsolete, an artist whose task it was to draw in red certain words or letters in manuscripts.
2. a painter of miniature pictures or portraits, as on china or ivory, characterized by fineness of detail.
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Noun1.miniaturist - someone who paints tiny pictures in great detailminiaturist - someone who paints tiny pictures in great detail
painter - an artist who paints


nMiniaturmaler(in) m(f)


[ˈmɪnɪtʃərɪst] nminiaturista m/f
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The gallery has also brought out some more items to go with the exhibition, including a portrait miniature of Richard Johnson, apparently the husband of George Eliot's Aunt Elizabeth, the model for Aunt Pullet in Mill on the Floss.
The portrait miniature of David Cameron's great-great-great grandmother, painted when she was just 17 years of age, will be on sale for around PS2,000 at the event at the NEC.
The portrait miniature began in the early years of the 16th century through, it is thought, the function of two separate streams of tradition.
In terms of brooches, Jacob's Diamond & Estate Jewelry just purchased two rare and very old portrait miniature brooches, each depicting, in very exacting detail, the face of a young child.
In the auction you will come across a portrait miniature of the Tsar painted by Alois Gustav Rockstuhl (1798-1877), as well as his ivory and gold double-headed eagle, a symbol of Orthodox Russia, which also features on a gold cigarette case of 1880.
Artists of the Tudor Court: The Portrait Miniature Rediscovered 1520-1620.
lt;/pre> <p>Elsewhere there is a portrait miniature of an eye that looks like planet Earth, a confectioner caught licking his finger to "seal a chocolate egg's dark tomb," a tiny snake like "a red knitting needle.
A PORTRAIT miniature of Bonnie Prince Charlie as a boy fetched pounds 17,925 at auction yesterday.
53) Finally, on 29 June/9 July, Pantoja, then working in Lerma, gave the queen a portrait miniature of the three-month-old Prince Philip, the prince sitting on a velvet crimson cushion, dressed in white.
In this shift from pastel to watercolour, and from ivory to paper, Buck was part of a long tradition of miniaturists, but expanded the traditional role of the portrait miniature from a private, memorial object to portrait art worthy of public display on the wall.
The interior bears an engraving of the Woolworth building, transforming the image of monumental structure into a beautiful scale model that has the delicacy of a portrait miniature.